SlimBoat As An Optional Browser

The solution to kill the monotony of using one browser has now been solved by the launch of SlimBoat. SlimBoat browser is an optional interface in replacement of other big-name internet browsers. WebKit has announced the release of SlimBoat browser with little exceptional features. Browsing metaphors are not different from the other interface web browsers. Nevertheless, SlimBoat offers the user with functionality sheer weight and with extra out of the box characteristics.

SlimBoat advances the part of existing and common characteristics that are found in other web browsers. It has a capable of saving a huge amount of information of web forms and finishes them later with a little action on them. In addition, it remembers the password logons and username. The Download Manager under SlimBoat web browser saves multiple links and their contents of a particular page. However, this will depend on your specifications. In this web browser, social media characteristics are plenty. For instance, you can possibly select a text/image or post web page link directly to twitter or Facebook wall. In addition, the browser allows you to share pages to various social media and Google Plus, Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail among others.

It is possible to open different sites in a particular operation. You only need to type in a short name and Aliasing tool helps to search the meaning of an alternative URL site or link. In security matters, SlimBoat web browser has an option of private browsing, password protection, history cleaning, Hide Browser option, and proxy management. This enables you to be secure and safe from thirty party users. There are more features provided in the browser such as saving the document directly into a PDF file format. Translations of page options provide different users of different races to easily access and use the browser conductively.

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