You Can Now Keep Your Passwords Safe With Keepass 2.21


A new password management tool that is meant to protect passwords has been released. It is a new version that has additional features such as a hex viewer and improved bug fixes.

Keepass 2.21 also comes with better tweaks and it is designed to function as a single tool. It has been equipped with the necessary features to keep the sensitive data of the user safe. The use of computer and internet in general has metamorphosed and this has led to a big number of hackers. Yet still, the number of people who are transacting money online is on the rise. This has consequently resulted to fraud cases and hacking. Without a good password protector, you will be risking a great deal when you are transacting online. With Keepass, all your credit card details are effectively protected. Users will be in a position to steadily and firmly lock their personal details by creating a master password.

There are simply many positive things to say about Keepass 2.21. It has additional features that give it an upper hand when you want to import group trees into this program.  This can be done because the program has an importer tool known as generic CSV that comes with compatibility with group separators that are user specified. The internal data viewer of the program is also updated and boasts of more innovative features. For instance, it comes with a hex viewer mode that comes in handy when you want to default the view for some specific data. This makes the entire KeePass the ultimate software for protecting sensitive data. There is improved compatibility with storage of special key codes so that references can be shown. In the event that a windows application hangs up, the editing dialogue option of this tool will not hang with it. If there is a different app that tries to switch from the desktop that is secured to a different location, the user will receive an alert.

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