Avast Announces The Release Of Avast 8

avast 8

Popular software developer Avast has announced the release of its first public Avast 8 that boasts of better changes and features. It has significant changes such as the new GUI that is not only clean but also easy to use.

The home page of the new Avast 8 is simply amazing. The front is simple and straightforward as it analyzes the functionalities into different tiles. If you need more elaborate details, all you need to do is to click and browse the tabs. As usual, new tool software in the market must focus on better tools and a user interface that is friendly. The Avast 8 is not exception especially if you explore the menus.  There are many new tools for users to explore. The show stopper of the software is the software updater that is essential if you want to check the applications that you have installed in the system.  Presently, the Avast 8 covers most of the renowned programs and has shown compatibility with Adobe Reader, Java and Flash.

There are also significant improvements made to the protection technologies of this new software. This is a move that is meant to make the software identify real threats effectively and keep the Pc safe all the time. The FileRep as well as the WebRep have all been effectively improved. Yet at the core if it, there are also few drawbacks that the new Avast 8 suffers. For instance, there is no support for windows 8 and users have already complained of massive problems when it comes to face book registration. Needless to say, there have also been instabilities experienced with more performance issues being reported. Nevertheless, all these problems are not a cause for alarm because Avast 8 still offers the ultimate protection you need for your system. It has other amazing capabilities that still make it feature in credible rankings.

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