Malware Scene Investigator: A Symbolic Evaluator For A Computer That Malfunctions Outside Virus Infestation

Malware Scene Investigator

Your computer started to malfunction. You thought it was infested by virus but after scanning with an antivirus program, you discovered that it had nothing to do with virus. You then want to find out for yourself what may be the reason why the computer is malfunctioning.

In a situation like this, it is very difficult to know what has gone wrong and where to start the investigation. You would normally sit down for a while thinking of which computer driver or startup programs to examine. When you are faced with this type of situation, never worry; the Malware Scene Investigator is available to do the work for you free.

Downloading the Malware Scene Investigator is very easy and as simple as ABC. It is 500KB, manageable and exceptionally uncomplicated to use.

All you need to do is to close all other open programs before launching the Malware Scene Investigator. Once you have launched it, hit on the start scan button to take you to a tabbed edge which exhibits two forms of result. Click on Report to have a quick overview of the problem, and the Detailed Log tab to give you a detailed explanation of the problem.

The malware scene investigator may look tiny but it is a powerful tool that every computer user must have. The program function is to aims to emphasize HOSTS file operation, unidentified drivers, and questionable proxy settings. It searches for odd disk partitions, Registry adjustments or any alteration for startup programs. It will usually warn you of executable files available in your provisional folders which are normally easy path for malware, and as well detail common information about your computer’s state like network connections that are open, processes that are on, planned tasks, freshly produced \Windows\System32 files etc.

This program has been tested and has proved to be excellent. It would also show up a number of energetic intermediary drivers like picking out abnormal Windows tune-up setting; and go as far as caution you about a mistrustful startup entrance. Even if you could discover this file on your own after a long period of time, the Malware Scene Investigator will show up those executable files to you within seconds.

Malware Scene Investigator, however, is unable to discover some software which means that you must be experienced to be able to make proper use of the software. Its function is to give you ideas of what you should investigate from one stage to the other but it is very handy when you want to do a general check on your computer.

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