The GodFather 0.87 – It’s Not A Mean MP3 Tag Editor

The GodFather 0.87

Yes, this will be mean if we introduce you with The GodFather 0.87 as a mp3 file tag editor. The sleek audio software is a precise tag editor. So what is the benefit of having The GodFather o.87. Here you go. In general sense The GodFather 0.87 can create and manage catalogs of your audio files in a powered library system where you can easily store downloaded and copied album, files after renaming. You can easily organize the library to fit in your requirement. It can update tags in batch and rename files in batch.

The GodFather 0.87 has strong defining and refining capabilities which can help you to separate files and folders based on tags, files, bitrate and mode etc. This also ensures conversion from one format to another with possible undo feature. It supports ID3v1 and ID3v2, Ogg Vorbis commenting with APEVs tags, encoding and decoding of LAME, mpcenc, file structuring on hard drive, importing and exporting different file formats, extensions and generate them on templates.

The GodFather 0.87 can also generate disk ID, including full credits, sorting, matching, grabbing and so on. Oh, it can also parse files from web source. You can also customize and recreate album covers of your choice with 4 different pictures. Playlists are regenerate-able to xls and HTML playlists. More importantly, The GodFather 0.87 is a high speed software to better manage your audio and video files. It has the capacity to process a thousand files at a time.

The GodFather 0.87’s extended capabilities include network search, smart ID generation, language support. All these you can find in the great utility tool that comes as free. Try it today.

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