Debut 2.00 The New Way To Capture Video

Debut Video Capture

The Debut Video Capture software is an application tailored to ease the use of computers, as we know it. This easy to use application allows you to record video directly from your PC using a webcam or from any other external recording devices. The application also has the ability to take a snapshot.

The interface is very user friendly and it has all the features well mapped out on the main window of the application. However, before you get to enjoy the application, it is of paramount importance to setup the video before running the app lest it automatically switches to the screen-recording tool.

The Debut Video Capture boasts of these and many more very cool features:

  • Allows the user to record videos using the more popular formats that is MPG, WMV, Mp4, MOV, 3GP, ASF, AVI, FLV and many others.
  • Allows the user to capture a video and store it in the computer’s hard drive.
  • Using Debut allows the user to record a video from a webcam, VCR or directly from the screen.
  • Gives the user the ability to create photo snap-shots.
  • Gives the user the ability to record directly to his/her DVD with Express Burner DVD-recorder.
  • Enables the user to add time stamps and captions to videos.
  • Simultaneously record video and audio.

The user has control over the sort of resolution he/she may want the video to be as well the videos frame rate. The application also adds to its user friendliness through its use of hotkeys. You can easily pause, stop or play the video using the hotkeys.

Be warned though that the application may in turn slow down the PC in term of performance. In general, the application is at the top of its class in this category.

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