Have You Heard Of ‘Why Can’t I Connect?’ Troubleshooter Recently?

Why Cant I Connect

Well, ‘Why Can’t I Connect?’ is a troubleshooting tool for end users who find it complex to deal with their TCP/IP connections. The new program is coming to their aid and it is completely free and built as an open source tool.

Here is how Why Can’t I Connect? helps you. If you are having hard time to connect with your POP3 mail server, even after putting the addresses correctly and after rightly selecting the correct port; things can still go wrong. In such cases the exceptionally new software WCIC will prompt you for possible solution to your trouble. To ensure the connection it will never ask you to insert your user or password details. It does not authenticate things but make the connection.

Another important function that Why Can’t I Connect? Performs is it establish connection with all sorts of servers. You can easily bridge between SMTP, IRC, MySQL, FTP etc servers. It not only sets the connection, it continues to report the status of the connection. You will be notified constantly what is going on between the connection. If any error you will be notified with possible solutions or the tool will make attempts to fix the problem itself for you.

Right after downloading the software it will start installation. Once installation is complete the program will read your machine details like IP, address, socket handle etc. If it detects any fault within it will prompt the message with possible rectification options in hand.

The Why Can’t I Connect? Helps you to specify the accurate problem with probable solutions that saves your time and enhances your productivity. Try this newest tool that  makes like simpler fixing your TCP/IP errors.

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