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Have you ever thought of having a good torrent search tool for the Windows desktop? It is something that keeps us wondering about. Surely, TorrentRover is a tool packed with adwares. However, it is not only payload-free and portable.  In addition, program is compact and easy to use too.

Just enter required variables in the given search box and the program will divert your query to few of the torrent search engines like,,,, etc. which collects all kind of matches and tries to sort out them in terms of quality. It is quite easy and all you have to double click all the things which can be opened and that too in the default torrent client.

It is something similar to the one which you do online where you input the given variable in the search bar, but  the TorrentRover saves the search results locally like the Rover. At the simplest, this basically means that one can use the given tool again and that too with a single click and without retyping. And the most interesting aspect is that you can simply edit the searches made by you.

Basically, there are options where you can refine the given searches (especially the one which helps in searching the particular category of the file or the given favorite search engines, and get them scheduled to work on a particular time and even automatically download various kinds of files.

Do you know that a Plugin menu present in the TorrentRover would be compatible in the same search on eBay, YouTube, IMBD, Walmart, Amazone, Google, and  Of course, with all the kinds of advantages, you are bought to come across some setbacks. One such is that everytime you try to access the dialogue box called Preferences, it would ultimately gets closed down. That is an unwanted thing and is something that can make people least bothered in using the tool.

However, this could be an issue which is bound to test the system. And sometimes it can be a more general aspect with regard to all the things that work properly. In case, if you are interested in such kind of application, you could just give a try for the TorrentRover.

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