UserldleStarter – Running Basic Program when PC is Idle


The UserldleStarter is a simple and easy to use Windows console program that runs a basic application especially when the system is idle. This is to keep the back up of the files, close or launch the application just like you want. Basically, the program is quite straightforward. A basic example might look like the one given in the example below.

First you need to launch the batch file. Then you would need to run the UserldleStarter, conceal the available window and then patiently wait for sixty seconds as the user will be in the idle status. Once that is done, then you have to launch the Windows Calc. Here you even need to specify the entire path of what you would be wanting to run. The given time-out option would just suit you and you would be needing to change the given idle command to a simple lock (where the program after the desktop is locked) or disconnected (where one would have to wait until the Citrix or Terminal session gets disconnected).

Of course you are aware that Windows has got a better and capable tool which does the above given functions. That tool is Task Scheduler. Yes! It is better and more powerful. And now if you just want to create and make up some idle time (permanent) task so that the given aspect goes as per your needs on the PC, however, there is something that you do need to keep in mind.

In case if you only want to run the particular and basic idle task on occasion, you would be working on the PC of someone else or another person, or you don’t want or feel like modifying the task, then you ought to use the UserldleStarter which is a better and a good solution. So, now the basic comparison between both the tools is that they are easy to use and simple. Plus one can see that compared to other kinds of tools in the market both are efficient.

Now either way, the UserldleStarter is free to use and with a download memory space of 10.1KB, there is no amount of harm in copying this scripted toolkit.

Download UserldleStarter

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