Audio/Video To Exe – Converting Media Files Into Desired Format


Audio/Video To Exe is an interactive self playing Exe tool which helps in converting various videos and audios into exe format.

While creating various media files with other people, sometimes it is best if you simply convert them into standard formats. Most of the time MP4 or MP3 format is what people like to have and this is the most common format that most of the people like to use. Audio/Video To Exe is an interactive tool and is a free tool.

Compared to other tools, this is a free tool which is different from most of its current tool. It is quite different and one can convert from the given video or audio format into the stand-alone file. All you have to do is launch the file and it would play the media file when compared to other players and you won’t require codes for such kind of tool.

This is a major issue and along with this idea, you could play at anytime and anywhere. It is present in the PC format and this is something which is not a smart move. Once you are aware who the audience are then it is not a Certain situations may crop up and it might be an added advantage if you can convert the given media file into the format which other would find difficult for editing. Of course a person who has experience in media conversion can easily do it but with regard to protection this is where the given tool lacks. But in certain situations, it can be an added advantage to make the conversion of the media files into the required format that other people may find it difficult.

Basically, the program is portable and there are no configuration and setup required for it. And the given conversion is so simple. All you have to do is click the file option, open it and then you can select the targeted video or audio files. Once that is done, you would need to click on the convert option. After that is done, you would need to create the exe and choose the destination folder and once that is done, the you can make the conversion.

Now the biggest advantage is that as it is advertised, you can test the PC and it would convert the various types of media files into a stand-alone and executable if it is played correctly. But the major problem is that this is not free build and you won’t have the player console, menu.

Download Audio/Video To Exe