PCFerret- Searching For Data Which Are Hidden


PCFerret is an user-friendly tool which helps in finding the hidden data present in your PC or laptop. The common question as a computer user is how well you know about your PC. The amount of data it is holding, how it is used and where it is stored are some of the question that needs some clear answers. PCFerret is one of the freeware and user-friendly tool compatible in the Windows Vista OS and is often used for finding hidden data.

Unlike the other tools or systems available online, the PCFerret is a relatively ordinary kind of system and provides the required information report. In addition, it covers the core and basic details which you may find difficult to understand like network, hardware, user accounts, and statistics. Also it can be saved into the HTML format thereby, making it easy for sharing, however, it cannot compete with a basic and specialist competitions. It even has a browser media tool which looks interesting and helps in scanning the caches of the browser like Chrome,  Firefox, Safari, IE, Opera, and Sea Monkey for showing the movies and images.

Once that is done, then it shows the thumbnails of the results. At times this tool can be useful for searching contents which other are viewing online. In addition, a similar kind of Cache URL module would help in checking if the browser caches re proper and even helps in raising the alerts for URL that often contain required keywords. Some of the developers feel this raised various false alarms like the misappropriate use of the word ‘pov’ as ‘porn’.

However, it is easy for you to customize the given list of keywords and this would make it more easy to understand and accurate. In the latest version of the PCFerret, there is the ‘Find Files By Type’ function. This is often highlighted and assist in scanning the PC and reporting those files where contents are not matching the given extension of the file. Suppose, there is an individual who has downloaded a video and tried to rename it as ISO extension or ZIP, then this module would raise an alert.

And the interesting aspect is you could use it to simply detect those encrypted containers and formats which are often used for other purposes like finding out the malicious and easily executable coding which are hidden and taken as something else. Using the PCFerret may make you feel that it has got an odd mix of features but the developers who created the program do know that all the individual modules are not as good as they seem.

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