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RedNotebook is an interesting journal which has got various features like customized templates, calendar navigation, word clouds, export functionality, etc. These consist of various tag, format, tag, search entries, etc. Basically, the RedNotebook is a free software which is present in the GPL hashtag. One of the best features is the hashtag. This can help in doing various aspects like formatting the bold, italic and underlined text. In addition, you can add various files, images, and even links to the websites.

All the important links, mail address, etc can be easily recognized automatically. In addition, other interesting features like live-search, spell check, automatic saving and providing backup to the given zip archives. Such journal is quite important for storing the various information and data. These aspects are often needed to store in some kind of storage device. And what is much better than RedNotebook. This journal is quite apt for such kind of stuff, especially the ones where one can store their day to day contents, and office related information. In addition, the RedNotebook consist of the Word Clouds which is often quite used for most of the tags and words. The templates consist of the exporting journals which are in the PDF, Latex, HTML and even plain text.

Also, the data is often stored in plain text format and files where there is no database required. The journal and the content present in it is translated in more than 30 languages. Currently, the latest version of the RedNotebook is the version 1.10.1 which was released on 14.04.2014. So what happens is that when you are undoing and formatting the action, you can not only remove the formatting and even the text too. So what happens is that while formatting is done, even the undo of the formatting can take place instead of the text. Plus you can fix the searching option by entering the text with most of the time along with the non-ASCII characters.

In addition, one can even help in filtering the exports of the tags which contains the non-ASCII characters and you cannot remove the whitespace from the old-style tags in the autocomplete box. You can even remove the various whitespace that is present in the old-style tags of the autocomplete box.

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