InPixio – Editing Photos in a Lavish Way


Most of the photo editing tools from the Windows desktop has got extensive features like variety of selection tools, all-format file support, multiple layer handling functionality and various other interesting features. But with regard to InPixio, it is completely different. It ignores all these supportive features and tries to focus on the easy usage of the app, quick and easy means to tweak images and sharing it to a wide range of audiences. Possibly, this is what makes it stand out from other photo editing tools.

However, some might feel that this may make it look as normal and basic which would be difficult to notice at first. With a single click of the ‘Open’ option, one can import various files in format like TIFFs, PSDs, and other interesting RAW images. Even the common PNGs and JPEGs find their place in this tool. A single click can help you to browse and add tiny sections of filters like ‘Black and White’, ‘Artistic’, ‘Vintage’, ‘Color’, etc.

Compared to other tools, there is no fine control and a simple click to the Adjustment panel would help you to choose the tweak hue, starting shade and the basic saturation for creating more interesting results. There are other adjustments possible with this tool like Tint, sliders for temperature, shadow, brightness, contrast, saturation, clarity, etc.  It is easy to drag all these given updates into the preview images. Even you can simply opt for viewing it after and before images get stored in order to make instant comparison.

The crop feature could be your favorite one. It could be easy to drop and drag using a freehand rectangle with this image and you can just set up the crop area to any of the predefined ratios like 2:3, 1:1, 4:5, 9:16, etc. Furthermore, using the crop function, you can customize the ratio by yourself, rotate the given images with the arbitrary angles and use the grid function to keep all the things lined up.

Another interesting feature of InPixio is, it has got twenty frames which you can optionally apply using a single click, just before saving the results or uploading it on the Facebook. In short, compared to other editing tool, the InPixio has a laid-back approach. However, it is an effective tool for general uses and is worth something if you want to tidy up a given image, add a single or various frames to a picture, or use simple colors.

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