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With the release of Postbox 4 by Postbox Inc, a major transformation and update has risen for Mac and Windows email client. The latest version of Postbox i.e. version 4 has a new and interactive Cloud File Sharing add-on. This provides extensive support for OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox. Plus the new release displays an interactive and focused pane along with various other latest view and tools. It includes features designed especially for composing, editing, and viewing emails quite easily.

This new feature i.e. Cloud File Sharing present in Postbox can be installed through the option present in the main program’s Tool. User has to click the ‘Tool’ option select the ‘Add-ons menu’ and this would allow the user to share the various links among each other rather than simply attaching a physical file to the emails. Obviously, here the benefits consist of sending messages faster, reducing the storage present in the email server and the easy means of updating the files when the message is sent.

So, once the cloud sharing feature is added, it will be easy for the user to navigate towards the option dialog and tick the option called ‘Send links when attaching files in the cloud folder’, which is show under the option ‘Attachment’.

Besides the extensive feature of cloud computing, the Postbox debuts with the enhanced feature called as Focus Pane. This allows users to filter all the views to see what they want to see like the reminders for the current month, unread messages from certain or selected people, etc. Even various kinds of attributes are added to the Postbox 4 like filters, reading, subscription, reply, social, etc. In addition, it allows users to choose the various contacts in a single instance and open the various topics and contacts in another tab (new tab).

Another feature is the new Social View which makes it easy for users to keep track of the social network accounts through Postbox. Even there is a new feature called Subscription View present in the version 4 of Postbox. In addition, using this tool, users can now define various composition goals like the time or length, restrict the long emails, time spent on the emails, etc.

Download Postbox for Windows

Download Postbox for Mac OS X

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