BleachBit – Wiping Out The Unwanted Junk Files


BleachBit is an effective tool which helps in freeing the disk spaces. It helps in guarding the privacy of the user at all times. This tool helps in freeing the caches, deleting the various cookies, clearing the history of the Internet, deleting the logs, shredding the temporary files and data, discarding junks, etc. The BleachBit is specifically designed for the Windows and Linux system. It has the ability to wipe out various kinds of applications like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Adobe Flash, Opera, and Safari.

Besides deleting the given files, the BleachBit has got advances and various features like shredding the files for preventing and avoiding any kind of recovery, terminating any kind of free spaces for hiding the vast traces of the files which are simply deleted by other apps. Plus this tool even helps in vacuuming the Firefox, thereby making it faster.

Not only the BleachBit is free, but it is one of the best open source tools. It has got various innovative features which is designed to help and easily clean the given system with regard to the free space and also maintaining the privacy. It is quite simple to operate. All you have to do is just read the given description, check out the boxes which you want, click the preview option and then the delete option.  The best part of this tool is that it is compatible in various OS like Windows and Linux.

In addition, the BleachBit is free to learn, share and making any kind of modification as it is an open source tool.  Even there are no spyware, adware, browser and malware toolbars. It can be translated to 61 languages. One can even shred the files so that the contents can be hidden and prevented from any kind of data recovery. Furthermore, it is a portable app for Windows, thereby meaning that it can easily run without doing any kind of installation.

Unlike other kinds of cleaning software, the command line interface present for this tool is good for automation and scripting. To conclude, the BleachBit is an apt tool for reducing the size of the backups and helps in creating the given passage for removing all kinds of unwanted files.

Download BleachBit for Windows

Download BleachBit for Linux

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