360 Total Security Essential – Best and Quality Effective Free Antivirus Tool

360 Total Security Essential

The 360 Total Security Essential or the QIHU’s 360 Total Security Essential is an interactive, free, and quality antivirus product. Previously, it was known as 360 Internet Security. This software has got all the necessary and important functions. It even carries out the various functions with ease and has got one of the best user-interfaces which is simple, modern and provides an intuitive feeling. The tool is quite effective and simply installs relatively light and fast programs which would never clog the given system. It is one of the cutting-edge and best antivirus tools.

The 360 Total Security Essential does a fast installation and is one of the light programs which never or prevents the system from clogging up. It has got one of the best and cutting edge antivirus security which is powered by 360 Cloud Engine, 360 Heuristic Engine, and the Bit-Defender. So, with such kind power present in the tool, it is sure that the PC of yours would be secured with the assistance of Proactive Defense and Realtime Protection.

In addition, the 360 Total Security Essential has got premium features like secured and safe browsing, sandboxing and privacy protection, etc. Also, the 360 Total Security Essential has got one of the best theme support and automatic updates. If you are checking out for a quality and best security-related products, you need not look further than the QIHU’s 360 Total Security Essential tool. Plus the tool has got a superior threat detection feature.

As per this feature, the integrating and award-winning engines (antivirus tool) from the 360 QVMII Al Engine, 360 Cloud Scan Engine, Bitdefender, Avira, etc. which would give you with the ability and features of the best and ultimate virus protection. It even has got layered security which helps in providing multiple shields. These are simply and provide a peaceful and secure digital experience. So, you can simply set yourself away from the phishing Trojans, and various kinds of data theft.

The 360 Total Security Essential has essentially got various features which help in executing the risky programs present and available in the Sandbox. Also at the given threats would be away and different from the system and would often remain isolated. Even the automatic update and theme support can be done easily.

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