AxCrypt – Interactive and Easy To Use File Encryption Tool


The AxCrypt is one of the best and leading open source file encryption tool suitable for the Windows OS. This tool can easily integrate seamlessly along with the Windows OS for encrypting, compressing, storing, decrypting, sending, and working with various types of individual files. As per the developers of the AxCrypt, they have received about 3,344,085 registrations which is a clear example of how much effective the tool is. The tool helps in the easy and proper encryption of the files in a safe manner. It easily sends the required files to other users with the help of emails and even through other basic means.

Also, the AxCrypt is quite compatible and even complements to various services like Live Mesh, Google Drive, Dropbox,, and SkyDrive. There are multiple features with this tool and these features are what make it one of the most sought out tool. One of the interesting features of this tool is it protects i.e. password protects any kind and number of files by using strong encryptions. Individuals would simply need to right click the given integration along with the Windows Explorer to make AxCrypt one of the best and easiest means of encrypting the various types of individual files present in Windows.

In addition, double-clicking the integration can make it easy for opening, editing, and saving the various kinds of protected files even though it is working along with the unprotected files. There are no additional features present and even no amount of configuration is needed. All the individual has to do is get it installed and simply uses it. One of the features of the AxCrypt is it easily encrypts the various files which are safely and easily sent to other users through email and other methods. Also, the self-decrypting files can be supported and removed thereby creating the need for the AxCrypt to avoid any kind of decryption.

With regard to translation, the AxCrypt can be translated in Czech, English, Finnish, Dutch, Danish, Hungarian, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, French, Norwegian, and Polish. Plus the program can easily help in integrating into the Windows easily and even helps in appearing as a major item in any of the context menus of the file.

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