SandraLite – Interactive Reporting and Diagnostic Assistant


SandraLite or the SiSoftware Sandra (System Analyzer, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) is a simple diagnostic and information utility. Unlike other tools, it provides various information (which even includes the undocumented ones) related to software, hardware and other kinds of devices which user would need. Moreover, one can easily see that the tool works along the lines and functionalities of other Windows related utilities, but if goes beyond that and shows what is happening as the real picture. The tool is designed as a complex utility which helps in analyzing the software and hardware abilities of the computer. It even helps in running various kinds of test for stressing out various components separately, making SandraLite one of the most powerful and resource application in this category.

It provides and gives users the ability to make comparisons at both low as well as high level. Users can get variety of information related to the chipset, CPU, ports, video adapter, sound card, printers, network, memory, AGP, Windows internals, PCI, PCIe, USB, database, USB2, and so on.  Basically, the SandraLite is designed as a complex utility which is fit for analyzing the software and hardware abilities of the software and even running various tests which can help in stressing out the various components separately.

There is no doubt that SandraLite is one of the resourceful applications present in this category. There are various kind of options which would require a great amount of time for users to get easily used to it if they are not familiar with such kind of software. In addition, mostly it targets the power personal computer users.

Another interesting feature of this tool is it helps in customizing the setup and neatly organizing the given UI. Furthermore, the installation procedure is quite brief and it would require a certain amount of configuration. Basically, in this tool, one can easily activate the server which allows authenticated users for removing the remotely based logins of the PC as well as those tools which have to restart on time.

With regard to the interface, the SandraLite is quite clean and is even intuitive. It has got all the necessary components which are broken down into various kinds of separate categories like benchmark, tools, software, etc. In addition when it comes to hardware, there is a complete change in the overview of the system in terms of memory, storage adapter, graphics, etc.

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