Sygate Personal Firewall – User-friendly Firewall Protection Tool

Sygate Personal Firewall

The Sygate Personal Firewall is a free to use and best type of security tool which is quite user-friendly. It has got an easy to use interface which protects the personal computers and laptops from trojans, hackers, DoS attacks, etc. There are multiple features included in the Sygate Personal Firewall and one of the prominent features is the full ICS support. Also, there are features like enhanced logging, protocol driver level and protection, and more. The tool ensures that the personal computer and laptop of the user is completely secured from malicious hackers and other dangerous intruders. It helps in avoiding all kinds of unauthorized access from the system to the online network.

Users feel that Sygate Personal Firewall has the uncanny ability to deliver high configurable, unobtrusive, enforceable and rule related security policies which often operate in the background of your personal computer. Additionally, using the Sygate Personal Firewall, one can customize the various policies relate to applications, ports, trusted Internet Protocol addresses, scheduling, protocols, etc. which can be customized for securing and supporting the various network requirements and configurations.

Basically, the Sygate Personal Firewall tool is designed keeping in mind of the high performance which it needs to give. It helps in providing the best security feature which is not sacrificed through your computing power. From November 30th, 2005, all the various Sygate products, especially the firewall products have been stopped but the Sygate Personal Firewall version is still running and is available for free online.

The Sygate Personal Firewall is developed from the award-winning technology of Sygate Personal Firewall. It is quite user-friendly and provides the best-personalized firewall and desktop securities and solutions. Furthermore, it is the first and the only bi-directional and intrusion-related defense core system which was specially created for home users. Also, it has got advanced protocol driver related protection and even code run insertion techniques.

Also the Sygate Personal Firewall even ensures that the PC is completely and always saved from the malicious hackers and other kinds of intruders. Also, it helps in avoiding all kind of unauthorized access to your PC and network. So, it simply helps in protecting your machine and making it invisible to the outside world. Since the Sygate Personal Firewall makes the PC of users invisible to the outside world, it is the common and best online security tool to be used.

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