Clover 3.0 – Opening Multiple Folders in a Single Window

Clover 3

The Clover 3.0 is nothing but a simple extension of the Windows Explorer. One of the best features of this tool is that it helps in adding various tab functionalities which are similar to the Google Chrome browser and other online browsers. Once the Clover is installed, then one can easily be able to open various kinds of folders in the same window and user can even add various bookmarks similar to doing in the other browsers. The tool is similar to the Windows Explorer and helps in creating multiple and various tabs in a single window. It has got the exact features which are similar to the majority of the browsers.

Basically, the Clover can even browser related tabs to the Windows Explorer, thereby ensuring that it runs effectively, smoothly, seamlessly, etc. This is something which would make various people think on why this feature was not introduced previously. Also in case if you are having more than one kind of Explorer window then you can just add this given download and ensure that the multitasking is quite easy.

Additionally, this program can help in installing quickly and one won’t require to use the tabs for accessing it. Even the clover is quite compatible that it can be expandable through the various themes. Also the clover is expandable through the various themes however; one needs to download them separately. Even this tool has got a built-in theme store which is an added welcome addition to the given app.

Basically, this application helps in putting the most used and common folder in the bookmark bar and it helps in making the navigation smoother. Even there is no amount of modifications done to the right-click menus and you can easily and manually open the tab and navigate through the folders every time when you want to create a new folder. Here, the surprisingly aspect is that this program is not RAM hog and if you do have got various kinds of tabs open (multiple tabs) at once, you can easily manage them.

Unlike other tools available online, the Clover 3.0 is quite neat and even easy to browse through the various folders similar like how you browse through the web. If you are a person who constantly involves in searching and multitasking in the windows, then this is the perfect tool which you would needing.

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