Connectify Hotspot – One of the Powerful and Easy to Use Hotspot tool

Connectify Hotspot

Have you ever thought about a fully featured virtual router present in your PC? Basically, by using the Connectify Hotspot, you can easily transform the PC of yours and share its Internet connection as a simple Wi-Fi. This can be easily used on other mobile devices and PCs. Not only it is easy to create i.e. to create a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can easily make a connection or get it connected with other devices. The tool helps individuals to easily convert the PC into a Hi-Wi Hotspot. So, it means that you can share your Internet connection with all of your mobile and online devices.

Furthermore, using the Connectify Hotspot, you can share any kind of Internet connection. The biggest advantage of the Connectify Hotspot is that it can convert your PC or system into a WiFi Hotspot. So, you would easily is able to share your Internet with other devices of yours. Just imagine, you can easily turn and make a wired connection into the Wi-Fi with a simple click of a button so that it can be shared with your personal laptops and devices.

In addition, you do have the option to upgrade the Connectify Hotspot to the latest Hotspot 2015 PRO version or the MAX version. This can help in sharing the 4G LTE or 3G networks also. Another major advantage of using the Connectify Hotspot is that it helps in providing and enjoying secured and safe sharing. Here the Hotspot would automatically get secured with the WPA2-PSK encryption, which is similar to the conventional router. So, what it means is that users who are using the Connectify Hotspot would get the most secure and safest WiFi sharing experience which you will not find anywhere.

Also, the Connectify Hotspot can easily help in monitoring the network by using the current and available devices. There are various innovative features that the Connectify Hotspot has and it helps in monitoring on how many and kind of data related to various kinds of connected client devices are used in the single glance. Plus another feature is flinging files to the connected devices. Here you can easily forget passing the given USB thumb drives, as the Connectify Hotspot is one of the best software routers which allows for send files wireless to various connected devices.

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