Google Map GPS Cell Phone Tracker 5.0.0- Tracking Your Cellphone on Google Maps

GoogleMap GPS Cell Phone Tracker

Being a owner of a site, you can easily use the Google Map GPS Cell Phone Tracker not just for hosting images or webpages. This tool can help you to track the GPS run cellphones on the Google maps. All you have to do is just download the Google Map GPS Cell Phone Tracker tool and follow the given instructions. Basically, in order to ensure the proper tracking of the phone, you would have to correctly configure each of the three main stages of this tool.

The first step is to get a Google API and ensure that it works well with the IIS console and using the Dot Net and PHP. This step simply means that you need to configure the website and think about which edition of PHP or .Net you want to use. After that you would have to make a dedicated folder. This folder has to be within the given location of the website known as GPS Tracker. Then you would need to copy the given corresponding files. These files have to be copied from the download packages i.e. Dot Net and PHP.

It is important that you obtain the Google API for the site and get it replaced with default keys rather than the custom ones. Now the second step consist of creating a database. This is one of the fastest and simplest means of creating a compatible database. Here one has to create using an empty entry which has to be among the MSSQL Server 2005 known as ‘GPS Tracker’. Then you need to restore it to GPSTracker.bak which is present in the Google Map GPS Cell Phone Tracker tool.

The third step is to enable the GPS and to add the phone number in the tool. Basically, this step simply deals with making the phone from being tracked. Here you have to ensure that the device has to be GPS enabled and there should be a data plan which can easily connect the ancient configured site. Frankly, it might seem quite difficult to set up the Google Map GPS Cell Phone Tracker. But it is quite worthwhile at the end.

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