Freegate Professional 7.57 – How To Access Blocked And Restricted Web Pages

Freegate Professional

It is common for various users to struggle in order to get rid of the restrictions related to browsing. What happens ultimately, is they end up in front of the PC or laptop with a huge list of websites which are blocked. The tool Freegate Professional 7.57 provides a helping hand to those who are not able to access those sites which are under restriction and getting a simple and faster means for bypassing the rules. The tool does not need to be installed and all the user needs to do is double click the available executable files for running it.

Using the Freegate Professional 7.57, there is no setup process involved. The best thing about using the Freegate Professional 7.57 is one does not need to install this tool. All the user has to do is double click the given executable file and have it running up. You can even set it invisible in the system tray. This won’t take up any amount of space in your task bar or desktop.

The interface of the Freegate Professional is quite easy to use and clean. The most significant aspect is that the tools would be doing most of the task and that too without using the intervention of the user. To put it in simple terms, the Freegate Professional 7.57 would automatically find out the browser that is used by the user and gives a predefine list of various sites which have been blocked in some of the countries.

Basically, the Freegate Professional gives a faster access to the Internet. This software solution can easily scan for various types of proxy servers and connect to the one which is faster, but still it allows the user to select other one in case if there is any issue with the default one, which is quite common found most of the time.

Furthermore, the tool can help in clearing the navigation history automatically. This is the most useful and significant feature which is present in the ‘Setting’ option. With this tool, you can automatically wipe out the history of the Internet Explorer whenever you are exiting the program.

To conclude, the Freegate Professional is one of the best tool for any individual who would like to load websites which they cannot access.

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