Portable System Information Viewer 5.06 – Getting Various Details of the System

System Information Viewer

The Portable System Information Viewer is one of the portable version of the System Information Viewer. Just like the title, this tool allows one to see the details of the system which is being used. Because of its portability, the Portable System Information Viewer won’t require any kind of installation. So, it means that one can put the software in the external drive and make it run directly on the PC. In addition, the registry of the Windows does not get changed or updated.

Here the interface of the tool is simply based on the standard windows. This is where one would check out the data related to the operating system (OS), system physical memory, resource usage, paging file, file cache, etc. Furthermore, one can save local, DMI, PCI, SPD and DIMM, chosen or all kind of data, view menus, copy of the bitmap, STC, battery, MEM information and even the access to the Registry Editor.

Also, one can check out the information of the processes, entries of the program, services which get automatically run when the system is started, chose the IP address and provides the summary on the average and current CPU, provide a CPU benchmark, and verification on the interface language and temperature units, etc.

Basically, the Portable System Information Viewer often uses low to moderate amount of system resources. It even includes the well and proper drawn help file along with the descriptions related to the rookies. Most of the people have tested this tool and it never crashed, froze or errors popped up.

Download Portable System Information Viewer

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