WAFS – Getting Secured File Collaboration And Sharing Online


The WAFS is one of the best tools for providing secure and simple file sharing and collaborations all around the world. As per secure information exchange specialist GlobalScape, the tool has been used in the Autodesk University present in Las Vegas for launching the upgraded version of the Wide Area File Service which is a collaborative and software platform called as WAFS 5.

The WAFS simplifies the enterprise collaboration and helps in removing the errors and reducing the usage of bandwidth, giving secured and real time data access. This is based on both the cloud-based and on-premise files which are located online. Basically, the tool somewhat uses the intelligent byte-level and it provides the required update and changes to the various files. There are various remote users who are having less impact on the network bandwidth.

In addition, this would ensure that the files are not overwritten and can be opened and operated by other remote users. According to Greg Hoffer, who is the Vice President of Engineering at Globalscape, when the work environment simply becomes fastly distributed, the critical files, real-time collaboration like CAD drawing, spreadsheets, MRI images, engineering bluesprints, etc have become quite more vital business method.

It means that working with partners and colleagues all around the globe is good. And that too without having to go through the frustrating and slow costly delays, version problems, and consistency errors which can become a huge advantage for increasing the productivity and efficiency of the employee. The best part of using the WAFS is that the file size and distance is not a huge issue. One can easily sent the complex files over the WAN at the speed of the LAN. Plus these are easily accessible to the end users through various offices online.

There are huge amount of improvements and this consist of the eight time faster upload performance. Sometimes this can reach up to ten times faster and provides the required download performance and the best copy speed performance somewhat to about 90 times faster. In addition, there is the reduced bandwidth utilization which can easily ensures that the data transfer is possible.

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