Restoring Microsoft Features Back To Windows 10

The Windows 10 is one of the decent operating system (OS) but Microsoft has been able to remove the main features that can be found in most of the previous iterations of the operating system (OS). Sometimes you get disappointed when you upgrade to the Windows 10 and find that one of more of the important and outstanding features are removed. But the good news is that you can easily restore them and find ways of getting the missing functionality into the product without any effort.

Here you need to have the MFI (Missed Features Installer) for Windows 10. Basically, this is a 1.3 GB ISO file that consists of the tons of third-party program like Gadgets 2.0, Classic Shell, This PC Tweaker, Windows Experience Index Tool and more. Even it consists of programs that can be pulled from the past version of the Windows OS. For using it, you would need to burn, mount and open the file like ISO. After that, the application is launched on the PC that is running on the Windows 10. Basically, you would need to select the element for installing. And in the first screen, the menu consist of options consist of Start Menu, Aero Glass, DotNet Framework, Gadgets, Games, and more.

In addition, the menu of the tool helps in displaying the Click me 1st link. And by running this, it would turn off the missed feature installer so that it can work properly. Then on the next screen, one can view, among all other things be able to view and install the Windows Media Center and Destroy Win Spying tool. The third and final screen will offer a great selection of tools that consist of Briefcase, Window Movie Maker 6.0, Windows Mail and even consist of advanced settings. Clicking any of the options can simply present you with any kind of choice of tools that can be installed or you can simply start the installation process.

It is important that you create the backup of the system before you can make any kind of wholesale alterations in order for you to revert when things became a problem. With this software, you can easily do this.

Download Missed Features Installer for 10

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