Doing Drawing, Batch Print Document and Various Other Things Using The Print Conductor 5.0

Print Conductor

Sometimes you might need to batch print folders of various documents. If you are aware then you might know that it is very much tedious and lengthy process. Here you need to press Ctrl+P+Enter and repeat the same, which has to be continue using until one can die of the boredom.

No offense, the Print Conductor is one of the free to use personal usage application that first automatically lines up. Then it would dispatch the various targets to the given source programs, especially in terms of printing. Currently, the latest Print Conductor has introduced the release and this has revamped the interface using a modern flat look and there is the reorganized controls for giving improved easy for usage.

With the simple ease, you can then drop and drag the files on to the program and then click the start printing option. Now this works with the usage of 50+ file and various formats like Office, PDF, ODT, DWG or DXF, SVG, images, XPS, TXT, RTF, WRI, HTML and more among the other ones. It is all about how much suitable source file can be installed. Here this has simply started.

As per analyst, the latest release of the Print Conductor is more selective and this even includes the printing the main and specific page range which is of the Word document and even can be related to the printing PDFs without using the annotations. Currently, there is a new support for the latest and best password protected DOC, PDF, DOC files, and more.

Here the printing picture has become smarter with the available of a new option for batch printing images, especially on the ‘Fit in frame’ mode. Here, it means that whatever you are doing, the current document list can be saved later on for reusing.

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