Break Free From Traditional Service Providers

Until lately, competition in the world of service providers was so little that they didn’t need to require additional efforts to gain customers. Companies providing services like cable networks, landline phones, mobile devices, internet service provider and even satellite radios have exclusive control with their prices and they are the only one who can manipulate rate of fees. It’s either pay the huge price to avail the service or just live without it. But that was before…

Their reign has come to an end. Web-based services and technologies are now being introduced worldwide and this will surely end the happy days of monopolistic companies. Web-based services cost really low compared to traditional service providers and some are even free.

Almost all of the services we pay each month are now offered in the internet. Online streaming of movies and television programs are replacing the need for cable networks. Voice over Internet Protocol of generally known as VoIP is now being adopted by consumers to supplant landlines phones. Online fax services defeating the manual way. Satellite radios were dethroned by online radios, and the list goes on.

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