The Story Of Windows: Its Development Process From Being A Vaporware To Becoming A Reality

This story has been dictated by the product manager, Tandy Trower, of that company and responsible for this tour of windows. He talks out how the product was earlier just a troubling dream and now the major OS for everyone.

Not many people have known the Microsoft like Tandy Trower. He had been with the company for almost twenty eight years. When he was presented with the project of Windows 1.0 it was known to be the ruin of career. Many had tried to work on it but had to be relocated with some other project or left the company. Being influenced by this, he felt that he was to embark with an impossible task and maybe would meet the same consequence. However, the experience that he has recorded here talks about something else; it is the recollection of his experience with this development of windows.

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