How To Prevent Browser Crashes?

Does your computer usually hangs and becomes unresponsive even though you have a 4G, dual-core machine? Often than not, the cause of this problem is your browser. Base on my experience on using Internet Explorer and Firefox, both makes my computer freeze but Firefox seems to hang the most. These culprits slow your processor and eat your computer’s memory until it hangs and there is no solution other than to close all applications and start again which is really irritating. Want to stop this problem? Then you might want to read more to find ways on how to keep your computer free from stalls and crashes.

The question, which browser is better and faster, has always been an issue. Users believe that finding the best browser is the solution to improve the computer’s performance. The idea might be correct in a way, but assuming that the effectiveness of a computer depends on the browser alone is wrong. A fast browser can lessen your problems but will not solve it. Whatever you choose, you will still end up with the same situation.

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