The Use of Web 2.0 in Big Companies

Convincing big companies to use Web 2.0 is a big challenge due to the fact that major organizations are being pressured by social networking technologies since the popularity of this technology is rapidly growing.

As a result, enterprise software and enterprise content management company Open Text are called in to help convince, organize, manage, and gain the worth of their companies content.

Ross O, managing editor of Fairfax Business Media Asia, got together with executive vice president of Open Text’s, Bill Forquer, to discuss how Web 2.0 technologies can help transform and modernize the way big/main companies and the government deal with communication and interactions in companies.

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The New Age of Languages

In the present computer world, long gone are the days when so-called bona fide software programmers disassociated themselves from the likes of programmers using scripting language. The evolution of Web 2.0 brought about the increased popularity of dynamic languages, or scripting languages, which have become an essential tool for every programmer to stay at par within the programming community. We are at an era when PHP, Perl and other interpreted languages are no longer termed “toy” languages.

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