Guiding to Windows 7 security

Windows has produced many versions of its operating system, but out of all of those windows vista is the most secure one. Windows 7 takes the base of what vista is lacking and then improves upon that to provide a secure environment. To ensure that the security features of windows vista are good, the people at Microsoft provided with a facility of user feedback to boost up their experience. Some of the security improvements which windows 7 have made in context to windows vista are as follows:

Core System Security

Security development life cycle (SDL) is used to develop windows 7 which were also used in the making of vista. The new operating system has all those security features which were used to protect vista such as Kernel Patch Protection, Data Execution Prevention (DEP), and Mandatory Integrity Levels. These features help to protect windows 7 and also fight against malicious software and other virus attacks.

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How to optimize the windows 7

After windows vista, Microsoft has launched windows 7 that offer improved performance than its predecessor. If you also want to get the best out of it, then you need to remove all the resource hogging programs and need to carry out certain tweaks. Below are given some tips that would help you to boost the PC performance without upgrading the hardware.

You may get many suggestions for upgrading your system’s speed form internet but most of them cannot be trusted and some of them do not work. They sometimes cause harm to the system instead of doing good to it. If you want to make any kind of the changes to your system then make sure you know about all the myths related to the windows 7 performance. The tips that are given below will surely help you to make out some extra space and improve the speed of your system after the installation of the windows 7.

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