Technological Trends Redefined in 2009

What can the technologically adept people and gadget gurus expect in 2009? For one, the popularity of video games will still be high; as the iPhone is reinvented and improved throughout the year people will still be compelled to buy them; and companies such as Intel will develop and release more potent microchips.

As time flies by, the rate how new technologies are developed will happen at a faster pace and will tackle more complicated needs for increased speed and capacity. Such technological trends tend to maintain their focus and direction, so the anticipated changes will no longer surprise any tech-savvy person.

However, there may be changes that we may not anticipate due to the unique issues that these developments will address. Read on and find out if these predictions sound plausible.

Super-accessibility by GPS. The prices of GPS units will start becoming more affordable by the day. Not only will GPS be built into cellular phones, but they will start building GPS capability into cameras, laptops, and maybe into MP3 players. The swift developments in utilizing global positioning systems capability will decrease the number of technological gadgets that anyone person will own, especially if everything (e.g. phone, GPS, MP3 player) is built into one unit.

Boom in Blu-ray popularity. Despite the lessening drive to buy Blu-ray products due to the economic crisis, Blu-ray will maintain its high quality in image and sound resolution. As the economy recovers, the demand for the quality stuff of Blu-ray will once again become desirable products for the average consumer, and will eventually push the less attractive DVD quality products into the background.

Videos go mobile. The world’s favorite pastime has reached laptops, and more recently – cellular phones. As broadcasting stations begin to face the reality of running out of new markets to access, mobilizing video in other ways will eventually be developed.

Windows 7 Heaven. All techies have been anticipating the much awaited Windows 7 being developed by Microsoft. The release dates are still a little hazy but they should fall around the end of 2009 or the beginning of 2010. With its release there should be an expected torrential surge of Windows 7-compatible software. Everyone is excited after the big Windows Vista disappointment.

Technology goes Green. 2009 should bring with it a most ‘convenient truth’ that manufacturers should begin focusing on lighter metals and less hazardous materials to make their technological gadgets. With the phasing out of analog televisions this year, everyone should watch out for an environmental movement within the tech world as well.

Bleak Year for 4G. It’s not that it is not a demanded technology at the moment, it is actually a very much anticipated one, but not in 2009. This year is too early to introduce and fully develop 4G technology since it may require many technological switches in telecoms companies or shelling out capital for new hardware. Possibly the outlook for 4G may be good later on in 2010, but for the time being it will be a quiet year for 4G technology.

The Android Contender. Android, which is being developed by Google, looks forward to a good year in 2009. With all that this mobile phone promises, the development of the operating system of Android is continuous and full of expected and much-awaited innovation. Before 2010, this phone is potentially the greatest contender to face the ever-evolving iPhone yet.

Super Discounts in ’09. With the economic crisis causing much discounted deals on gadgets at the end of 2008, 2009 shows all the signs that the sales aren’t over yet! Dealers and manufacturers will still offer big bargains as they try to rid of stock and clear their way to recover economically and boost their businesses.

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