How Impressive Is Windows XP User With Newest Version Windows 7?

About 5000 readers who still use Windows XP were surveyed to state their plans about upgrading to Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Logically as well as technically Windows 7 is the next upgrade of Windows Vista. But most of the people who may make up their mind to buy Windows 7 as an upgrade or can have Windows 7 along with new PC are still Windows XP users.

Now the biggest troubling question about the Microsoft’s newest version operating system is not about how advance it is from Windows Vista but is about whether hundreds of thousands of XP users who were reluctant to opt for Vista upgrade will move towards Windows 7.

This troubling question can be better answered by the Windows XP users. As a part of research done by PC World for its upcoming Windows 7 coverage and survey conducted by site Technologizer among about 5000 Windows XP users who are using XP as their primary operating system, were asked questions. Questions were – What they thought of Windows 7? Did they have the chance to try Windows 7? What are their comments about Windows Vista? The users were also asked about their upgrade plans and their viewpoint on chances of Windows XP disappearing from the scene in future.

Highlights of the responses that were received in the survey are:

The users have in general liked Windows 7 about what they have seen or heard. Seventy percent of the people who tried Windows 7 out of the survey sample felt somewhat or very positive about it while fifty five percent of those who have read only about Windows 7 were of the same opinion.

The figures above don’t say all about the commitment to upgrade. Fifty three percent of the people who tried their hand at trial of Windows 7 were ready to upgrade. Forty five percent of the lot who has read about Windows 7 is ready to upgrade too. However in both the cases most of them are not ready to jump straight away to the newer version of Windows. The reason being – not ready to face initial installation headaches and compatibility hiccups. A meaningful minority from either the lots who have tried or read about Windows 7 have plans to stay with XP for ever.

The people in the survey are not very positive about Vista. Fifty nine percent of the users who have tried have negative feedback about it. Eighty two percent of the users know about Vista but have not tried their hand at it. Only two percent of the users who know something about Vista have positive comments for Vista.

The users do not want Microsoft to takeaway XP. Windows XP though theoretically is discontinued but still most of the users are using this downgrade version of Windows on netbooks and Vista PCs along with the older PC models. Most of the surveyed users are of the option that they will be very unhappy once Microsoft stops selling XP. Eighty percent of the users will feel disappointed if such thing happens. Even the availability of Windows 7 will not make them cheerful.

These numbers will definitely give some cheers to Microsoft. So many people surveyed and using XP have liked Windows 7 on trial. This sort of reaction is a must if Microsoft is hoping for grand success of Windows 7 so as to get them out of Vista mess. This news is also best for XP holdouts. On October 22, the day Windows 7 arrives at stores; it has big chance of compelling the users of Window XP to upgrade to Windows 7 while the users had decided against the upgrade when Vista made to the markets previously.

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