Get Organized with EssentialPIM

This planner will satisfy those users that are looking for universal and mainly portable program.  Free version has many reductions comparing to PRO version, but it is very usable program anyways. You can easily use it on USB Flash drive or in combination with U3 system.


EssentialPIM is easy, has many advanced facilities in basic version and you can take it on USB Flash drive with you.

The main screen provides survey of calendar events and you can also send and receive e-mails. We appreciate the most this very attractive quality. No need to use any other e-mail clients or organizers.  We found attribute of import and export to Microsoft Outlook and task color resolution as very generous.  If you need to have your calendar with you, and you don’t want to take your laptop, you can print it in various views.

The reason why we like note system of this program is that we could add an external files, create hypertext links, and we could use formatting languages.  Notes can be created in tree-structure so tangle of blind text cannot accrue.

The same what we expect from sophisticated address book can be found here. It contains all fields and we can also add photos.

PRO version supports on-line Google Calendar synchronization or PDA.

Download: EssentialPIM PRO | EssentialPIM Free

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