MOBILedit! Mobile phone control center

MOBILedit! Is ready to connect to various mobile phone platforms, what makes it really universal tool.  MOBILedit supports a great number of brands and types, and can handle with devices that are not included in database of supported mobile phones yet!

In case that you use more mobile phones, you don’t need to worry that you will not be able to connect them.  The main advantage is that in case you will need to change your phone some day, there is no need to install new original software.  Just make the simple connection to your PC and MOBILedit will find your new phone. Connection can be made by Bluetooth, cable or IRDA.

MOBILedit can operate with devices using Google Android also.  The MOBILedit database contains a great number of supported mobile phones. Program displays such useful information as battery life status, signal status and more useful technical information.

Next advantage is if you connect more mobile phones to one PC, you can transfer or copy files between them. Imagine that you can keep the same content of address book, or multimedia files in all of your phones.

You can proceed a call from the virtual mobile on the desktop, just type the number or find it in your address book.  The same situation is if you like to send SMS, MMS or Flash message.

You will definitely appreciate useful calendar connection to tasks including access to notes. Just simple Bluetooth connection can synchronize and read calendar events.

There are more tools to transmit video files from YouTube, Metacafe, Yahoo Video, MSN video…directly to your mobile phone.

Maybe you might need some study materials with you, or articles, lyrics, etc. so mBoox application is just right for you. You can create a Java scrollable book from any text and take it with you anywhere you go.

Shopping List is an original application to create your shopping list directly to your phone. No more papers in your pocket.

Ringtone Editor is easy way to create ringtones from music files.

Download MOBILedit 4.0.


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