The best download managers

There are lots of data online and they are waiting to be downloaded to your computer. To make this activity the most effective and snug, there are many download managers available.


One of the most preferred open source download managers. High class and effective free download manager which runs in Java, so it can be used on many operating systems. J Downloader is able to download several files parallel from more connections at once, automatically extract RAR archives including entering a password, offers skins for better look. Program cooperates with more than hundred various shared servers, it is independent on your browser. It allows downloading from YouTube and offers nonstop support.

Download JDownloader here!



It is a specialized download manager assigned for downloading from RapidShare AG servers. This project suppose to provide download manager which will be securely, reliably and quickly as possible downloading data shared on RapidShare server. There are some added functions as health control link, account status information, password saving or Multi-Stream Download. There is need to pay for this program. Freeware version contains many restrictions they causes that this program loses its main purpose.

Download Rapget.RS here!

FreeRapid Downloader

FreeRapid Downloader provides useful and comfortable file downloading from RapidShare servers and similar to it with no waiting. User just assigns links to required files and FreeRapid Downloader will arrange everything else. No more unpleasant waiting for permissions to download. Program is nimble, easy and free. It downloads from paid and free servers and can handle downloads from YouTube in HD. Versions are available for Linux and MacOS also. Developers react quickly on server changes and they quickly create new plugins.


FlashGet is one of the best download managers not only for Internet Explorer but also good for other alternative browsers like Firefox, Opera, and Mozilla… In contrast to standard tools it offers planning, managed large data downloading and many more. It downloads pictures, videos and can handle downloading from RapidShare.

Download FlashGet here!


Useful extension for Firefox browser. It allows you to download more files at one click. You can instantly download all images or linked files from web page.

Get DownThemAll! Here!


Free Download Manager

Download manager accelerates downloading and allows downloading of whole web pages. Works with Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape and Firefox, supports simultaneous downloading from more servers (mirrors), previews ZIP files, audio or video files, allows planning, integrates with antivirus, allows pausing downloads and more.  Newly integrated is file support in Bit Torrent network, supporting YouTube, MySpace, Dailymotion, Yahoo video downloading and converting them into AVI, DivX or MPEG4 formats. It is possible to control it remotely through the internet.

Get Free Download Manager here !


Minimalistic tool to browse on assigned web address and announcing all linked files. Program can consequently download all of them. By using this program you can filter types of files you are not interested in. If there are videos, files, images, software linked on webpage you browse, you just assign the target folder and you can download.

Download WebGrab here!


This program goes through all comments on newsgroups and downloads files which are linked over there. This tool offers intuitive interface, filtering possibilities, download speed settings, and many more. The price is 20$.

Download NewsReactor here!


This program downloads and consequently manages pictures and photos located on web pages. You can set values and based on them program will select and download pictures. Except format filter it is possible to set the size of graphics. Having that entire information program is able work and on your sign will browse web and download.

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