Reviewing The Promising Driver Cleaner.NET

In these hard days when we are facing the threat of hackers and computer viruses abundantly, we must know that how should we keep our system, and particularly, the system files, clean. However, it is not an easy task that we can seamlessly execute. We need to identify the notorious files that get entrenched in our computers. And a crucial step in doing that is identifying and eliminating the useless ones. This prevents confusions and future compromise by notorious applications. The files that are explicitly left over in your system partition even after uninstalling a program or a driver are potentially threatening in this regard. In most of the cases, the system administrator might fail to act in the correct time due to confusions arising from these sorts of “useless” files.

The Driver Cleaner.NET is a program that is designed to eliminate the various components of certain drivers, which were left over in your system after removing the driver software following conventional methods. It can handle rather a hefty number of driver software from nVidia, ATI, Creative, SIS, S3, 3Dfx, and many others. About fifty kinds of drivers can be orchestrated with by utilizing the Cleaner.NET Drive.

The first thing to do is to remove the drivers via the control panel and after that, restart your system. Then select the profile to delete the driver and start cleaning. It is desirable to read the “Readme” file after installing the program. The software would support Windows theme. The program includes a component called Cab Cleaner. It is rather clear from the title of this component that it can clean the cab-files (or the Cabinet files that have a .cab extension) from the driver after installing service packs. You can select any cab-archive for cleaning. The software is available in different languages so that you can use them more conveniently from any part of the world.

You can also select which cleaning file you want to use. The cleaning filters are customizable. You can not only choose the residual files that you want to clean, but also handle the crucial registry of your system at this point.

We know that ion a Windows platform, if the registry keys are handled in a wrong way, the system will shatter for good. Deleting objects from the registry must be done extremely cautiously. The good point that is associated with the Driver Cleaner.NET is that it deletes the registry keys associated to the notorious cab files rather reliably. Also, you can readily customize the way of working of the software in this regard. You can specify that which keys are needed to be deleted and which ones are not.

The size of this application is 7.56 MB and there are certain websites wherefrom you can download Driver Cleaner.NET (conditions apply). You can get more relevant information on the website

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