The Best of System Memory (RAM) Software

Operating memory is significantly involved in the computer performance. Its sufficiency, speed and its correct use can optimize all various types of work.

In today’s selection you will find a review of  following programs: Dataram RAMdisk, SuperRam, Memtest86 +, Advanced SystemCare, eBoostr and RAM Defrag.

Dataram RAMdisk

This program creates a fast virtual disk directly into the computer memory. Then program saves all the sorts of data on this virtual disk. User is able to format, mount and resize it. The program works with FAT 16 and FAT 32 file systems and retains all data even after shutdown.

For next access Dataram RAMdisk must be switched on again. This utility is free up to 4 GB of virtual disk. For using a larger volume user must pay a registration fee of $ 10. Application works with all of Windows OS (since XP).

Download Dataram RAMdisk here!


It’s based on increasing computer performance by releasing memory. At the beginning program provides information about memory and processor usage and after that program allows you to set memory performance and you can also test it within this application. Well done statistics will help you to verify the values. We can find advanced settings for memory performance. User has maximum control over cleaning process.

Download SuperRAM here!

Memtest86 +

Freeware helper, which makes it easy to detect the incorrect operation of the memory system and provides detailed information about the RAM. It has low memory requirements so its results are very accurate. The program is controlled by a few basic commands. The command list with basic instructions can be found on author’s webpage.

After elapsed time of testing, (length of testing depends primarily on processor speed) the program will evaluate the results and give a detailed report on any errors found. Tests also include the CPU, L1 and L2 screening, cache and motherboard.

Download Memtest86 here!

Advanced SystemCare

This program is one of the most successful software. High percentage rating is the evidence. Advanced SystemCare is designed for general computer maintenance and protecting. Program removes spyware and adware; it also serves to prevent threats, correcting errors in the registry, speeds up the system and much more. A great advantage of this application is a freeware license.

Its SmartRam tool is related to “system memory” theme. SmartRam monitors the background activity. This tool is useful mainly before we run some high RAM usage applications. In the setup we can set SmartRam to clean the computer based on our criteria.

Download Advanced System Care Free here! | Download Advanced System Care Professional here!


The utility increases system performance by extending computer memory from external memory devices. Those may be a USB flash disks, external hard drives, memory cards etc.

This application is suitable mainly for Windows XP users. Since Windows Vista we can find in all systems ReadyBoost system tool, which has essentially similar functions. Advantage of eBoostr is that has better and more detailed settings comparing to native Windows tool.

Download eBoostr here!

RAM Defrag
Not only the hard drive but also RAM should be fragmented once in a while.

Besides of memory defragmentation this program also offers deleting temporary files, delayed start and offers a multilingual interface.

Defragmenting and memory cleaning is useful at the moment when you are about to start high RAM usage program. You can ensure its smooth running.

Download RAM Defrag here!

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