Firefox 4

Firefox 4 is the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser. This new version has been released with the aim of; improving performance, user interface and user support.  Firefox 4 is a browser that will give you top performance.  Firefox 4 has a wide range of features that are going to impress you. Firefox 4 Has taken great strides in improving the web browser and these are some of the brilliant features it contains.

A very important factor to consider is security. Firefox 4 has done marvelous developments to the browser, to give it high security features, such as; Instant web site ID, private browsing. Private browsing is great especially if you are doing your banking or checking your mail on a shared computer, this ensures that you have your privacy and the same time, able to do your work safely. Parental controls are another great feature. This helps to enforce the settings you have entered on your operating system. Firefox 4 has brilliant anti-virus software.

Firefox 4 has very high performance in that it has super speed. It has up to 4 times speed than previous versions. This means web applications like email, online photo processors, photo sites and many others will feel much faster as you open them. Firefox 4 also has faster page load, better memory management and most importantly crush protection. This helps your information to be protected even if the plug-in stop working.

Firefox 4 has plenty of benefits and those can be enjoyed. One of the most significant is that it raises the bar for what web browsers should have. It also has other benefits like high performance. Firefox 4 is user friendly and is very easy to use. It is simplified and does not have any installation issues. You simply install it and it is ready for use. Firefox 4 is surely the way to go in high performance and great delivery of efficiency. It is cost efficient and very affordable.

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