Firefox 3.6 Beta Updated, Wait until 2010 for Firefox 4

The browser that is used by more than 25 percent of all web users just got an important update. Firefox 3.6 underwent a fifth beta release which fixed more than 130 bugs and this was made available to the public last on December 17, 2009. Part of the bugs that were eliminated included some that caused the computer to crash, including the version of TraceMonkey JavaScript Rendering Engine that runs on Apple Mac computers. Other important fixes include automatic password retrieval, fast startup module and Firefox’s private browsing mode. Despite the number of significant fixes that came with this release, the makers of Firefox, Mozilla, opted to make this batch of latest fixes still part of the 3.6 beta package, because there were only a few new features present and the number of features were not enough to warrant a release candidate. This only means that for those waiting for the next big version of Firefox, which will be Firefox 4, they would have to wait until 2010.

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