Four New Features Coming to Ubuntu 11.04

Though the official launch date of the Natty Narwhal or Ubuntu 11.4 is on 28th April, but the people are eagerly waiting for the open source operating system due to the news of the new improved version of the system. The Natty Narwhal has gone through several changes which are believed to increase the acceptance of the operating system. Natty Narwhal will be the first version of the Ubuntu which has gone through so many changes. For instance as the default desktop interface the GNOME shell has been replaced by the 3D-enabled unity.

In the latest system it will include and available with 2D version and the compiz window manager will be used in Ubuntu 11.04 instead of Mutter. The Libre Office still has been considering some necessary changes in new software for better performance. The Natty Narwhal’s first beta version came into the market on last Thursday.

In last few weeks, there was several news about the release of the new version, which   further intensify the expectation of final release of this latest version. The recent released out are stated below:

“Try Before You Buy”

The Ubuntu Software center suggests its users not to install this software in their computer without checking. The Android users can also use this on Amazon Appstore. The performance of latest version Ubuntu is showing by YouTube through a ‘WebUpd8’ user video.

“Love Handles”

The users will appreciate the highly technical and effective touchscreen latest devices for its “Love Handles”. This is very easy to move windows by Ubuntu and any other devices. This is also available as Compiz plug-in; the users can resize the windows by tapping on arrow. The usage techniques and the performance capabilities of Love Handles are showing by an OMG! Ubuntu! Users video.

Watch out those videos to reveal what are the listed changes coming up with the new version from Ubuntu.

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