Linux Mint 10 Xfce Moves Past Rc Status

Good news for the fans of Linux Mint 10 distro that the new operating system has been developed and now final version ready for download. The final available versions are 32-bit edition of Linux Mint 10 Xfce, 64-bit edition of Linux Mint 10 Xfce and HYY mirrors and torrent links for 10 Xfce. Now you can choose any one of them according to your need.

The developer of the final Linux Mint 10 Xfce, Clem Lefebvre said that, it is designed and developed with the same idea and technology of LDME. This helps to Xfce comes with some good advantages. The users of this software will be highly benefited.  Among the advantages, some are stating below:

Enhance performance: The Linux Mint 10 Xfce is highly powerful software. The performance of this software is tremendous and better than the previous one. The quality of this is excellent.

Updates can get quickly: The new software has been developed with latest technology that helps the software to enhance its capability and providing tremendous and quality service to the users. Automatic updating system is one of the best advantages of this system. You don’t have to update regularly by clicking the documents or files. A system has been introduced in the latest version which is capable enough to updates automatically. You have to keep up this system up to date, and you will get continuous update regularly. It helps to save your time.

More Mainstreaming: The latest version Xfce 10 is more mainstreaming edition with the existing software like Rhythmox, VLC, and  mint Menu. The same software has been selected as Gnome. As this version is in mainstream, you can share or exchange program according to your need.

Maintaining is very easy: Rolling package of this software is responsible for the marinating the software. The rolling package has been connected switch in Linux 10 xfce. It helps in maintaining OS more effectively and easily.


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  • bugoy

    how do i install deep freeze in Linux mint 10……………I’m new user of linux just a couple of a days….its really hard for me to configure this operating system….actually it’s very interesting this operating system……..please help…… can send your my email…..…….tanks

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