USB Immunizer – Get Secured With Your USB Drives

The Bit Defender security firm released a report for Q1-2011.It highlighted that the autorun based exploits as the highly exploited security vulnerabilities for the PCs. There is however no need for any one to panic. This company has released a USB immunizer tool for free. This tool is   promising to address this issue.

It is quite easy to use this program as it is essentially just the creation of an autorun. The .inf folder on the chosen drive in turn has the additional hidden folder and various files. This means that if you plug the device to the pc, which is infected, if anything   writes a new auto run, the .info file will be unable to execute its functions.

Actually, a virus can be able to get around by deleting any content of the autorun, the .info folder and the available folder. The Bit Defender is making this more complicated by the use of nested folders. This on the other hand makes the liberal use hidden attributes essential.

The many current malware cannot be able to get around any of these obstacles. This is because, the USB immunizer, offers genuine protection to your pc .This can be by passed to other future computer functions.

This program can equally offer the additional layer of security. It does this by checking the auto run settings for the removable devices. The settings ought to be different from the DVDs or CDs .Any computer owner must always be wary of rogue USB drives. It is necessary to avoid plugging the drives to the computers you are not aware of.

If you enable the autorun, a warning gives you an alert to the available problem. You can be able to disable this feature by just a click even if the malware manages to add the auto run. Info file, to your drives, the windows will not execute it at all. You will only be able to avoid the automatic infection.

Download BitDefender USB Immunizer


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