Virtual Box 4.06 – Now Available With Fewer Bugs

Virtual Box is a powerful virtualization tool either for business or for use at home. Virtualization is nowadays more popular and it is even available in windows 7. Most people use visualization tool and in this case, virtual box is one of the most preferred and most powerful programs that is available. There are many releases for virtual box series, which comes with list of developed features and supported operating systems. There is a new release of 4.0.6 version, which comes with size list of bug fixes. The product surely meets all professional standards.

Virtual box is features high performance product for business people. The application has greater improvements in stability that helps to provide a more user-friendly virtualization experience. It also has plugged memory leaks and the option of storing snapshots in the same directory as virtual machines. Several networking problems addressed in virtual 4.0.6 and problems of sleeping mode and system resumption are fixed.  This allows Linux users to take have greater advantage of the recent model. This is due to the improved support, which eliminates interface quirks and unwanted hangs while using windows Mac.

Virtual box caters for all your virtualization needs. It is also available or can run windows, Linux as well as Mac. Virtual box also has the capabilities to run virtualized copies of windows, Linux, DOS, as well as OS/2 and can open BSD. Virtual box can also host and support various operating systems apart from running widows.

Virtual box is a great lifesaver. You can be able to run Linux virtual machine on to your Linux system. Virtual box is the most friendliest and simple virtualization program that runs with speed and does not require other installed programs. You can get a free copy of the application by downloading it freely from the virtual box review page.

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