Mozilla Seamonkey 2.2 – The Continuation Of The Mozilla Suite

Mozilla SeaMonkey 2.2The new version of SeaMonkey is now available for download, SeaMonkey 2.2 beat 1. The internet suite consists of all-around components that are used as web utilities.

After the Mozilla Foundation stopped the project of upgrading the Mozilla suite from 2005, the SeaMonkey Council took the project in their hands after Mozilla. The SeaMonkey Council kept on improving on the Mozilla suite 1.7. The version later released was called SeaMonkey version 1.

The components that SeaMonkey consists of are a web browser, a mail checker, a HTML editor and an IRC client known as Chatzilla. The SeaMonkey internet suite comes with two different themes and themes can also be added.
The improvements that vSeaMonkey 2.2 has over 2.1 include performance and security upgrades. Along with supports for CSS animations, improved supports for HTML5, XHR, MathML, SMIL and Canvas. CSS animations are now commonly noted alongside its competitors Flash and SVG.

Though the Mozilla Foundation has forsaken Mozilla suite project, the SeaMonkey Council works hand to hand with the organization. And there are many Add-ons for SeaMonkey available in Mozilla’s website. Many normal internet users are not used to all-in-one suites, the SeaMonkey thus attracts Web developers and corporate users. SeaMonkey has a tabbed interface like other programs for Mozilla which needs to be turned on manually.

The things that SeaMonkey now lack are speed and features that more advanced users prefer. As Mozilla and other browsers have taken their roots into heart of many normal users, SeaMonkey intends to focus mainly on Advanced Users who prefer very powerful tools.

The SeaMonkey is supported in Windows, Mac OS and many of RedHat’s Linux OS including Fredora core 6+ and ubuntu 6.10+. The minimum requirements required to run the software are 500 MHz of processor speed, 128 MB RAM and 50 MB of hard disk space.

Download SeaMonkey

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