Opera 11.50 – The Final Release

Opera 11

Opera 11

Opera has released the final version of its popular web browser, version 11.50, which is also codenamed “Swordfish”. The new version of Opera keeps the standards that Chrome and Firefox has achieved and stalls it as a formidable competitor in being the best internet browser. And gives much more than what was seen in Opera Next 11.50.

The Opera swordfish has many new things that the developers have come up with. One of those things is the change on the speed dial function. Users can access some of the things of your speed dial sites by small windows. These windows open the link that is in your speed dial. On the other browsers, you have to install plug-ins for the small window feature but Opera has it built-in already.

Opera also adds a new password synchronization feature. This allows synchronization of passwords into encrypted forms; no passwords are saved as it is by the browser. It saves passwords securely, one of the highest standards of security.

The Under-the-hood changes include improvement done to CSS and SVG rendering, mainly improves speed. The new web-page rendering engine is called “Presto”. It is also claimed to have improvements in HTML5 loading.

A new option that is available to users now is the “Featherweight”. This option allows users to choose a new set of user interface options that makes some of the unnecessary user interfaces to disappear, like the Home button. This reduces the number of buttons on the browser screen.

The Opera Next now gives you the preview of the Opera 12 browser. And Opera 11.50 is now a complete browser. This version is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating Systems. The Opera Next browser that now is the current developmental version 12 of the future Opera browser is also full of promises. The Opera 12 will top the browser ratings as developers are expecting.

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