Mozilla Thunderbird Takes A Leap To 5.0

Mozilla Thunderbird 5Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla’s well-used mail manager, has been upgraded to version 5.0 and is ready to be downloaded. This comes as a major release of the Thunderbird mail manager since the last updated version from version 3. That version was also released over a one and a half year ago.

The new features of the Thunderbird mail manager 5.0, which are mostly appreciated, are a Migration assistant, an easier email account set-up wizard and an activity manager. The Migration assistant helps users to obtain some old settings if they want to. The easier wizard has the ability to fetch email account type settings, all users need to do is type their account details. The activity manager lets users see all the transactions they have done to their email account.

Amongst other new functions are the message archive and the tabbing ability. Tabs opened in Thunderbird are like the tabs opened in Firefox, Thunderbird tabs allow users to open several e-mails at the same time and switch between them instantly. The Message archive is a folder in your Thunderbird that allows the Thunderbird to save emails that users want to keep. Then there are all the visual upgrades which generally do not attract many users, but a point to be not completely underestimated.

The Thunderbird skipped to version 5 without even creating version 4. Though it sounds reasonless and unnecessary, this was done to keep Thunderbird in the same league as Firefox. As Firefox is running through the fifth version, Thunderbird was also placed to its fifth version. And thinking deeper, it is actually version 4 which is being called version 5. Though it indicates that Mozilla is planning to make Thunderbird an equally important issue as Firefox, thus, users can be assured that they are going to get regular updates to their mail manager.

The thunderbird is available for download for windows, Linux, Mac OS in both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

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