Redo Backup And Recovery: A Bootable Utility

Redo backup and recovery

After a long time taken for the beta testing, the Redo Backup and Recovery is now finally available in a stable version, version 1.0.  The software is a drive-imaging tool that recovers and backs up data with a unique feature that was previously not as perfectly organized. The feature is the bootability of the software.

In the recent times, considering all the problems that can cause data loss, computer users have become very conscious about backing up data. To meet their preferences the Redo backup and recovery tool has been made. The preciousness of important data is what the Redo backup and recovery thinks on to making a name for themselves in the computer market of today. Furthermore, the Redo backup and recovery tool is free for download.

The Redo works in a different way than other recovery tools. The users have to download the file that is in ISO format. Then they would have burn it on a CD or DVD. When the CD or DVD is inserted into the computer the system has to be rebooted and at the first-screen the CD must be booted if boot option is set to “manual”, otherwise the disk will run automatically. Users do not require an operating system to run Redo backup and recovery. There are certain disk-burning options that vary from operating system to operating system. For example- to burn ISO file in Windows 7 you can normally use the already available feature, but to burn in other operating systems you will need an external burning utility.

The burning of the ISO file to the disk is the only part that seems to be hard for some users who are new to using Computers, otherwise the using of the software is easy and reliable. The features available in the software include restoring data, partitioning, recovery of deleted files and even you can browse the internet. There are promises of more development in the later version.

Download Redo Backup And Recovery

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