Updates For Microsoft Windows Live Essentials 2011: For All Windows Live Users

The Live Essentials users must make their software perform well with the new updates that have been released by Microsoft and are available free to be downloaded. Windows Live Essentials are a set of utilities for Windows that contain Mail, Messenger, photo gallery and Movie Maker. The Windows Live Essentials build version 15.4.3538.0513 is available for download now. But if the user already has Windows Live Essentials installed, he will be prompted automatically by the software to update it.

windows live 2011

Windows Live 2011

The new version contains a number of new fixes done to the Mailing, Photo Gallery and messenger Utilities. The use of these have been made much easier and error free as claimed by the developers. It is now considered much more reliable and easy to access.

The Updates include a huge improvement done to the Messenger, mainly improving the voice and video clarity. There were several Stability fixes including a one that used to disable sound. The users should be very happy to know that the sound glitch has been finally removed, as it has been a nuisance to users worldwide.

The Mailing upgrades include a fix that was done to the sent items portion, the glitch used to cause errors with storing in the Sent items menu. Also, an upgrade allows Photo mails to be updated with better reliability.

The other upgrade that the users will get is the Photo Gallery update. This time the facial recognition feature has been improved to the fullest. Facial recognition is now more complete and is a lot more accurate. The crashes that were caused on the when accessing the Photo gallery with the Autoplay are now fixed and there are no other major problems that the User may notice.

The Live essentials can be downloaded for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. There is also an older version for download for Windows XP.

Download Windows Live Essentials 2011

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